Puerto Cabello is not only the most important harbor in Venezuela. It also has a great tourist potential to be discovered. We invite you to see the main attractions of this magical place. We also offer out of city options that are close by to Santa Margarita.

Bahía de Patanemo Bay

East bound from Puerto Cabello, a twenty minutes car ride. Beautiful scenic ride with ocean and mountain views. Food and drinks available.

Pozo del Encantado

(minimum of four people)

An extraordinary walk through the tropical forest will bring you to a beautiful and refreshing waterfall, escorted by professional tour guide Joel Alvarez.

Ciénaga de Ocumare

A magnificent bay accessible only by boat. Secluded beach with very beautiful turquoise waters. Excellent swimming and snorkeling. Day tours available from the Marina.

Sunken ships

In Isla Larga you can enjoy two shipwrecks from the Second World War. Their names: Sesostris and Yako. Nearby bays have other shipwrecks, such as Carmen Fabiana or Gran Roque. All these options are great for snorkeling. If you want to take a diving course, we can guide you.

Isla Larga

It is one of the most visited attractions on the coast of Carabobo. It offers restaurant and other services. Access by boat from Quizandal and Municipal Marina. Snorkeling and wrecks of II world war Jako and Sesostris. A place of exquisite beauty a fifteen minutes ride from the Marina. Snorkeling and kayaks are available.

Playa La Rosa

Nice beach with a full range of services, ten minutes from Posada Santa Margarita. This premises belong to the navy and is the safest beach in Venezuela.

San Esteban Pueblo

Very nice town within fifteen minutes from Puerto Cabello. There are magnificent old villas. Here you can buy one of the best liquors of Venezuela, locally called “leche de burra”-

Fortín Solano

Magnificent military fortress on top of El Vigia mountain offering the best view of the city. Includes restaurant, small café, museum and souvenir shop. This tour is highy recommended, specially at sunset time.

Teatro Municipal

Fine building of the 19th century, one the most beautiful theaters in Venezuela located only ten minutes by foot from Posada Santa Margarita.


One of the most beautiful bays on the venezuelan coast, crystal clear waters, surrounded by mountains. Access by boat from patanemo, a short fifteen minute ride. This beach has no facilities so take your food and water. Please do not litter. We ask that you take your garbage with you so that we keep this wonderful place pristine.

Castillo San Felipe

Imposing military fortress considered among the most important on the Caribbean. Unfortunately despite its great past, nowdays is in state of disrepair.


Puerto Cabello has beautiful places were you can practice this magnificent sport, that allows you to be in contact with our privileged nature.